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How to file Chinese trademark registration

It is important to note that each application shall cover only one trademark in one class. Each application must include the following info and documents:


-  Name,nationality and address of Applicant;


-  International Classification


- List of goods or service items designated in one class


-  Power of Attorney, signed by the applicant. Notarization and legalization of the Power of Attorney is not required;


-  Five prints of the label, not exceeding 10cm or being less than 5cm in length and breadth. If the mark is in color, one black and white label shall be submitted in addition to the five color prints;


-  Priority document, if priority is claimed.


Applications are examined as to the formality and substance. Examination to the formality will include the correctness of document and classification. Examination to the substance will include the registrability of the mark and possible conflict with prior rights.

Amendment of Application
Amendment is only possible when required by the Trademark Office. At the stage of substance examination, amendment may lead to the deletion of part of the mark or of the specification.

Failure to make an amendment required by the Trademark Office may lead to the refusal of the application.


Applications that have passed examination will be published in the Trademark Gazette, published weekly, for opposition purpose.

A mark will become registered if within the period of three months following its publication there is no opposition filed against its registration, or the opposition filed is decided not justifiable.

A registration is valid for ten years starting from the date of registration and can be renewed indefinitely, each time for ten years.

Renewal applications shall be made within six months before the expiration date or, subject to payment of an additional fee, within six months after the expiration date. Each renewal application shall include an application for renewal of trademark registration and a Power of Attorney.

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